Special Event – Me First – The World Can Wait



A Full Day Event where you will discover, align yourself with, and obtain the tools to:

♥ Self Love
♥ Self Expression
♥ Self Development
♥ Self Commitment

The event is a full day’s master class where we explore, learn and clear deep unconscious & stagnant programming that continues to motivate & attract: Repeated patterns; Old wounds; Emotional triggers; AND Self-limiting beliefs.

* Clean the slate & receive the resources that will lead you to be the master of your own life.
* Live your dreams & resolve and strengthen the bonds with your soul.
* Uncover your hidden confidence and self-esteem.
* Meet your higher-self and the true authentic woman within you.
* Experience the dance that connects you to your ancestral lineage.
* Surrender & open the path to the new future YOU are creating.

A full day’s masterclass for women by women who want to connect to their soul tribe just like you.

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